A Friend for Life

Lis Luke has been standing alongside BGF for over 20 years. This is her story ...

“Like many of my generation, I felt the heartache of losing many loved ones to HIV/AIDS. BGF was one of the first  organisations to offer support on so many levels to people who had no-one else to turn to at the time.

 “I believe that the people who work and give to BGF are unique humanitarians and this in itself puts the organisation very close to my heart. I started donating to BGF because I wanted to give to a charity that I could relate to and feel part of.  

“I chose to give to BGF on a regular basis because I could visibly see the difference these gifts were making to people’s lives. This was my motivation and has been ever since.  

“By  donating  even  a  small  amount regularly, I know I am helping to provide support to those who are most deserving, particularly those who are living below the poverty line. As a NGO, BGF heavily relies on donations.  

“BGF has done amazing work and they  have  always  ensured  that  they direct  their  focus  where  it  is  most needed. They have been able to re-position themselves so they can have the most impact in an environment where HIV support has significantly changed over the years. They’ve been able to tailor education, especially to a younger generation of people living with HIV.

BGF is Australia’s oldest HIV charity and has stood the test of time. It is often the first port of call for people after they are diagnosed HIV+. People find a safe haven where they can begin to get their lives back on track.

“While Australia has made great progress both in treating HIV and preventing it from progressing to AIDS, we still continue to see a number of people being newly diagnosed.

“The illumination of HIV requires long-term investment in organisations such as BGF who have been in the forefront of the response since the beginning of the epidemic. People are now living longer with HIV, and so an ageing HIV population is now a real issue.

“BGF is a unique service and has a wealth of experience with a dedicated team that truly believes in the cause. I love the fact that I receive regular updates from them as to how their clients are doing and the many success stories. I also receive invitations to special events where BGF acknowledges and recognises its supporters on a more personal level. I get to meet like-minded people and it feels good to be part of something where you feel you are making a difference.

“I try to attend as many BGF events as possible so that I can keep in touch with the organization and those connected with its community. I have been participating in the BGF Bake Off for over 10 years and this is a highlight of the year for me. I also volunteer at the BGF Fair Day stand and help with bucket collections such as at the Queer Screen Film Festival and around World AIDS Day.

“It’s important to have a charity that you feel you can connect with and feel comfortable with. I love the fact that when I attend BGF events or volunteer that I get to talk with clients and other donors who openly share their story with me."

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