Art for the Soul

Bobby Goldsmith Foundation is pleased to announce that 15 inspirational artworks from the 2016 Phoenix Art program will be on display at Kings Cross Library at the end of the year.

Participating artists have named this year’s exhibition HIV heart — symbolising HIV, art and life – a connection artists incorporate into their work.

BGF congratulates all artists and extends gratitude to art tutor Natalya Shinn and Pine Street Creative Arts Centre for making Phoenix Art possible.

Phoenix Art workshops are run over three semesters per year – each course lasting six weeks.  

Whether participants are beginners, intermediate or experienced, Phoenix Art  presents a guided forum where each person can work at his or her own level.

Phoenix Art  has produced many fantastic artworks over the years. BGF is hoping to showcase an exhibition of artworks from 2011-2016 in the new year.


Phoenix Art Exhibition at Kings Cross Library 7 November - 24 December 2016.

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